The Customer

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is an agency of the New South Wales Government, responsible for building and maintaining road infrastructure, and managing the day-to-day compliance and safety for roads and waterways.

The Agency was created on 1 November 2011, under s.46 of the Transport Administration Act 1988, from a merger of the Roads & Traffic Authority (RTA) and NSW Maritime. Planning responsibilities were transferred to Transport for New South Wales, which was created on the same day.

The Business Group

Roads and Maritime Services Tolling Group (RMS Tolling) is an industry leader in delivering tailored and innovative tolling management solutions that promote better customer and partner outcomes and meet a diverse range of business needs. RMS continue to partner with rental car companies and fleet management providers to deliver an accurate, easy, reliable and seamless service to their customers.

E-Toll is the national market leader in the rental car market. RMS have partnered with several rental vehicle companies to give their customers a simple low-cost way to pay for their tolls.

The challenge

In 2009, the RMS Tolling group was faced with the challenge of reducing Toll Notices being issued twice i.e. once to the rental car companies, and a second time for the statutory declarations coming back from the rental car companies advising who the actual driver was that used the Tolling network.

This issue obviously affected not only RMS, in terms of processing issues and costs. It also affected the rental car companies in the same manner, as well as causing significant customer dissatisfaction with the manual processes being utilised. This subsequently caused significant negative press from ministerial complaints coming in from toll road users, as well as from various national motoring groups.

The Journey

RMS Tolling group had several options to consider internally to help alleviate the issue. Ultimately however, it decided to seek consultancy guidance, and solutions from the tolling industry.

In 2009, the RMS Tolling group selected a tolling industry specialist consultancy firm to identify both hardware options and software solutions that would ultimately identify an automated solution to deal with the challenge at hand. Once the consultancy firm had been selected a project was formally initiated to bring it altogether.

The Discovery

Once project the was formed, the team went to market to seek solutions from tolling hardware and software industry experts.

In 2009, CRM Solutions Pty Limited was specifically chosen by RMS to address the software automation solution component, to create a bespoke solution for the entire rental car industry and its combined customers.

At a time where the number of differing toll roads was on the rise, RMS wisely decided to look for an automated solution that would help address both customer satisfaction issues, and the large operational expenses being experienced by both the RMS and rental car companies as whole.

The solution was to simply create an asset-base for each rental car company’s fleet of rental cars and bind these rental fleet assets to RMS’ E-Toll Tagging system via an automated software solution.

In 2009 CRM Solutions set about designing, building and hosting the solution. The automated solution went live in January of 2010 with one of the largest rental car companies with great success.

The Result

As at 2018 this same automated rental car solution has expanded significantly to include some 32 Rental Car Companies which represents the majority of Rental Car Companies in Australia.

CRM Solutions have also built upon the original solution and delivered the following:

  • Relocation: The solution has been relocated from CRM Solutions’ own Hosting Data Centre over to GovDC
  • Tokenisation: Credit cards are fully tokenised for all credit card transactions reducing PCI compliance requirements
  • Customer Portal: Working with a major bank, built an add-on payment portal for E-Toll to allow customers to pay their toll notices online
  • Debt Recovery: Built extensive debt recovery solutions to assist with debt recovery initiatives