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ProNamik Email2Case is a powerful workflow automation tool which transforms your customers e-mail into Microsoft CRM Cases. This add-on enables you to:

  • Manage customer issues in an efficient and reliable manner
  • Measure customer service response times and customer service KPIs
  • Leverage the knowledge that is scattered throughout the inboxes of your Employees.
  • Foster loyalty with new and existing Customers.
  • Keep your customers informed of the status of their issue/ inquiry

ProNamik Email2Case can be configured to suit the needs of your business. For example, when an email arrives, check if the Customer has an expired contract. If so, then assign the issue to the account management team to investigate. Pronamik Email2Case has a flexible design and is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and Microsoft CRM Dynamics 2011.

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Bring E-mail Management To Your Company Today with ProNamik Email2Case

In addition to happy customers, a good email management system will bring sanity to your employees. The return on invenstment (ROI) comes straight away, and your company is better equiped for future growth. Best of all, ProNamik Email2Case has been designed to work seemlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Exchange. Be Proactive and Dynamic by taking advantage of the your exisitng enterprise solutions and lowering your total cost of ownership with ProNamik Email2Case.


E2C Customers

  • Grays Online
  • Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd
  • UBM Medica Australia


    Manage inbound email
    Consolidate all inbound emails so they can be easily tracked. ProNamik eMail2Case checks the e-mail address and the domain and creates a new contact record if needed.

    Create MS CRM Cases from email
    Creates new cases or update existing cases in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Includes all attachments for example documents and images.

    Configurable email responses
    Dynamically send out e-mail responses based upon your processes. For example, send one type of message for new Customers and a different message for existing Customers.

    Organise & Prioritise your workload
    Route high priority e-mails to the appropriate team or person.