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Managing your organisation's database and maintaining data quality is critical to success.

Experian QAS can help you achieve effective address data management through our data verification software.

We have a range of software solutions to meet all of your needs:

  • Address validation software for data entry
  • Online address verification for websites
  • Address data cleansing for databases
  • Verify and pinpoint delivery address with Geocode software
  • Segment and enhance address records
  • Email address validation for databases
  • Exclusive to Experian QAS - Access the most comprehensive dataset in Australia QAS DataFusion

Collecting Accurate Contact Data in a MultiChannel Environment

Organisations maintain contact records to increase Customer satisfaction, strenghten customer profiling, and to reduce costs. However manual data cleansing exercises are often time-consuming and difficult. QAS conducted a study on contact data quality perceptions & practices. The findings underscore the importance of address management systems to drive this overall strategy. The video brings shows the importance of these system for a variety of industries including finance, medicine, and deb collection.  

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