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 Why Clientele ITSM?

  • Clientele ITSM is 100% web-based, and is available in  multiple languages at no extra cost
  • Clientele Offers a complete ITSM suite which is easy to implement with a recognisable user interface.
  • It is Flexible, adaptable and scalable. Can be customised to meet your business needs
  • Clientele Provides you with the tools to measure your ITSM performance and be in full control
  • IT is ITIL Pink Elephant verified in the key processes of Service Management
  • Clientele ITSM is Transparent and competitive pricing model

CRM Solutions is an authorised reseller of Mproof. We have the expertise to help you with your new or existing Clientele systems. Let us show you how to put Clientele to work for your service desk today!


Clientele ITSM is available for any type of organisation in spite of size and branch, for both simple and complex IT environments. Out-of-the-box it is pre-configured for an easy start. It can be easily adapted so your service management software is always aligned with the maturity level of your IT organisation.

Delivering success at Cuscal

Read more about how Cuscal is using Clientele ITSM to increase efficiency and improve business services.


Clientele ITSM  supports industry best practices defined by ITIL and is ideal for medium-sized organisations globally with local or centralised IT management. Clientele ITSM has proved its value in many cases and is sold in over 20 countries and is available in 15 languages.


Benefits of a customer centric application:

  • Via an online portal, your customers can log calls, request services and keep track quickly and efficiently, ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Both your customers and support staff are empowered with fast and functional access from anywhere at any time
  • Powerful and flexible connection with other applications
  • Mobile Accessibility for IT operations

Standard Enterprise Technology

Clientele is built upon Microsoft's technology stack. Standardising on Microsoft technologies decreases cost of ownership as it: reduces maintenance costs, shrinks the number of complex systems to maintain, and allows people to work with technology they already know.

Rapid IT Service Management Deployment

Mid-tier businesses with constrained resources and budgets face a tough challenge in maintaining a fully functional service desk organisation. Achieving operational cost efficiencies while maintaining internal services is a key challenge in these environments.

Clientele ITSM meets this challenge with a simple, efficient and economical solution that fits medium sized businesses by reducing operational expenses. Customers can easily enter, track and solve their issues with Clientele ITSM while service level agreements are managed efficiently.

Clientele ITSM offers all the processes you need out-of-the box, pre-configured for an easy start and is a comprehensive, "Pink Verified" software suite with easy and quick implementation. It offers the ITIL framework in a fully integrated way, containing all the ITIL functionality you need with a low total cost of ownership.

It can be easily adapted so that your Service Management software is always aligned with the maturity level of your IT organisation.